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Sunday, January 29, 2012


Don't you just LOVE treasuries?! I am addicted to making treasuries since I discovered this time-consuming hobby on Etsy.

Here are a couple I have made recently:


I would love for you to check them out. Feel free to leave your treasury link in a comment below. I would love to see your work!!

Thanks, have a blessed day...Sincerely, KatieL00=]


  1. I see you ahve an esty store, Im doing a big giveaway on my blog. If you want to sponser soemthgn from your shop jsut let me know on my bkog by the 8th!

  2. Hey Katie ( I am hoping this is your name, but don't want to come across as a complete idiot ) . I made this and absolutely love treasury creating, its so addicting!
    Let me know what you think, oh and feel free to follow my bloggy as well.