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Friday, September 23, 2011

EFS for this week is ~Nichoir~ !!

Hello everyone!! Here is another GREAT shop from Etsy:


Feathers GALORE!! I totally adore this shop--feathers
are the cutest accessory on the market today, and Missy does more than JUST headbands:

She has hair clips, key chains, earrings, all gorgeous
pieces that are a MUST when it comes to spunky fashion.

Whether your style is bright and neon, like the piece above,
or elegant and unexpected, like the pieces below--

You're sure to adore your one of a kind
feather accessory from Missy's shop (:

I love this piece --->

You know me, I'm totally crazy about natural/mother nature inspired things (:

I hope you all enjoyed this feature!! (: I'm glad I finally got it out.

Check out Missy's shop for even more finds!! (:

(SHOUT OUT TO MISSY: Again, I am so sorry for not posting this on time. Please forgive me!!)

Have a blessed day!!
Sincerely, KatieL00=]


  1. love the feathers on the combs - it feels very nineteen twenties flapper style

  2. plz submit your coupon at to get max exposure and increase sale chances!